Home Page About our School Recent Events Contact Us Nursery The children “willingly take on responsibilities such as being a school councillor or a buddy looking after younger pupils. In so doing they add to the life of the school and enhance their personal and social development.” (Ofsted 2012).

"We can make a difference, I think."  Holly, Year 4,  "We can hopefully get some more After school Clubs for the school-some new ones!" Joe  Yr 5, "We want to make sure our school is safe."  Ana Yr 3,  "We want to represent our classmates and help them get the changes they want." Jack Yr 4

Things we've achieved in 2015/16

As councillors, we have been involved with organising a fantastic new bit of equipment for our playground-it has a football goal, basket ball hoop, cricket wickets and target panels. We have also reviewed our playtime equipment and managed to agree a budget to enable every class to choose their own playtime favourite things; with a bucket for each class!

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