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Parliament Day

On Tuesday 7th June a lady called Rachel Dodgson came in to our school to talk to Class 2 and 3, for the morning about democracy and the 3 key parts of parliament (the House of Lords, the House of Commons and the Queen).

Firstly, she asked us how much we already knew. Most of us already knew something about it.  Then, she showed us a video of the state opening of parliament. The video showed  Black Rod having a door slammed in his face and banging the door 3 times with his rod.

After that, we did 3 different workshops: the first one was ‘It’s all a debate’ this was where we held a house of commons style debate, our debate was whether or not homework should be banned until year 9. After a very long debate we finally decided that homework should be banned until year 9!

We then moved on to another workshop about elections and voting. We worked in groups of 5 or 6 to design our own political party and write a manifesto, we then had to campaign for the other groups to vote for us. At the end of this workshop we had an election which revealed who gained seats in the House of Commons and formed the government.

Next, in workshop 3 ‘from bill to law’ Rachel chose 3 volunteers from the Classes to come up and act, one was the Queen, one was an MP from the house of commons and one was an MP from the house of lords, Rachel gave the house of commons a bill, she explained that in parliament the bill is passed many times between the house of commons and the house of lords, until the laws inside the bill are agreed by both the house of lords and the house of commons, they are then given to the Queen to be agreed as a law.

Both classes really enjoyed Rachel’s visit!

What we thought: “It was very useful and entertaining because we made a debating chamber” Mackenzie age 10

“I liked it when we made our own political parties.” Lillie age 8

“When I was the speaker, I liked it because I could control when people spoke.” Daisy age 8