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Special Educational Needs

Special Educational Needs covers a wide area including physical and medical disabilities; behavioural, emotional and social difficulties as well as intellectual support.

They consider the needs of the highly able child and those with specific learning difficulties.

At various times in their educational career children may require differing levels of assistance with their learning If special help is required, arrangements are made within the school for their needs to be met as fully as possible Parents will be consulted at all stages of the process and, if necessary, external agencies will be consulted and special programmes of work may be devised.

We believe all children, whatever their individual needs, are entitled to experience the same curriculum and to have access to the experiences and activities provided by the school. Special Educational Needs provision is carried out in a caring, supportive atmosphere which promotes learning. All teachers are responsible for teaching children with Special Educational Needs.

If strategies enabling improvement do not prove effective and the child continues to find it hard to follow the curriculum, then, with the consent of parents, a request may be made for outside agencies to assess the needs of the child and provide the school with advice on how best to meet their needs This advice and assessment may be from an Educational Psychologist or a specialist in a particular area such as literacy.

Following this, a statement of Educational Needs may be agreed between the LA and parents. This should result in the child receiving expert and individual help.

At Broughton in Furness C.E School we continually review our Special Needs provision, and we follow the guidelines as laid down by the LA and the Code of Practice which is available for parents on request at the school.