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Broughton-in-Furness CE Primary School

Newsletter 24

16th March 2017

Website: www.broughton-furness.cumbria.sch.uk

We are a Values school - This half term’s value is: Courage.  

 Please see our website for Home/ school values based activities!

Dear Parents,  


British Science Week: This week it has been National Science week and we have really enjoyed supporting this with our own week full of science fun and frollics! We have made circuits with our buddies, worked together to complete the whole school challenge, explored light with Mrs Tracey, water with Mrs Addington, bridges and forces with Mr Clinch and Mr Hill and lots of other exciting science activities in each class! Photos to follow later in the week on our Facebook and website.

To raise money for Comic Relief we will be having a non-uniform day on Friday, 24th March (suggested donation £1).

Cool School nomination! Thanks to Gareth Weston, we have been nominated for COOL SCHOOL OF THE WEEK on The Bay Breakfast with Danny Matthews. Danny will visit our school on Monday, 24th April. He will be here for around 30 minutes to tour the school, recording audio and taking photos to use of social media for the feature. We have been informed that the broadcast will go out w/c 1st May on his breakfast show and will be repeated all week!

Dojo rewards and consequences: We have now been running our Dojo rewards for almost 2 terms and we are very impressed with its ability to instantly reward our children when they are modelling our values for both achievement and behaviour. However, you will appreciate that with rewards come responsibilities and we are currently reinforcing basic manners and respect for all people, this includes behaviour whilst in the dinner hall, Breakfast Club and Afterschool Club. To underpin this, we are going to introduce an additional facility on the Dojo system, which allows the removal of Dojo points. Please note that this option will only be used if a child continues to act inappropriately after having been made aware of why the behaviour is unacceptable. In doing this, parents will also be notified and this allows teachers to liaise with you if needed. Thank you for your support.

Mothering Sunday: Watch out for special Mother’s Day messages in the Evening Mail next Saturday.

Irene’s last day: Sadly, it will be Irene’s last day tomorrow as she is due to return to Spain on Saturday. Both staff and the children will miss her as she has worked within Class 1 as well as organising a Spanish Club within Class 3.

Extra School Activities:

Breakfast Club Daily 8-8.50am £3.00 per session

After School Club Daily 3.30-6pm £6.50 per session

Art and Craft Club Tuesday 3.30-4.30pm Class 1

Football Practice Tuesday 3.30-4.30pm by invitation

Multiskills Wednesday 3.30-4.30pm £1 per session

Mrs GK Reading Club Daily as arranged per class Dinnertimes

Dates for your diary:

20-24.03.17 Week 1 Dinner menu

28.03.17 Class 3 Coffee Morning

10-21.04.17 Easter holiday

08-12.05.17 SATS week

21-23.06.17 Class 3 Residential  

Mrs J Graham-Kevan

Legged One Hoots