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At the bottom of many pages there are puzzles for you to do. There are picture clues to the titles of childrens’ books.  All these books are in the school library.   Here’s an easy one to start you off:-

Good Luck!


If you’re really clever you can have a go at the anagrams. An anagram is a set of words where the letters are mixed up. They are at the bottom of many pages and they are the titles to childrens’ books.  All these books are in the school library. They are written in





Charlie and Lola

Don't forget, the photographer will be in school on Monday, 17th September.

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Caring Furness school where pupils are at the heart of everything receives high praise from inspectors The Mail  (www.nwemail.co.uk)

Broughton CE Primary School is also looking forward to opening a nursery for children from two years and increasing its wrap around care hours


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